Window Cleaning

Window cleaning today is more than just removing dirt and grime from buildings. With the advent of ANSI I-14.1, the changes and improvements in our building facades makes it imperative to establish a long term relationship with a quality window cleaning company.

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Window Cleaning History

The window cleaning trade was established in the late nineteenth century in New York city when the first skyscrapers were built. In the early years, window washers often cleaned skyscraper windows by standing on the window ledge and holding onto the frame.

Leather safety belts attached to anchor bolts were introduced in the first decade of the twentieth century. Window cleaning scaffolds were introduced in New York in 1952, when the Otis Elevator Company built an electrically operated scaffold for use at Lever House.

When the original World Trade Center opened in 1973, many of its windows were cleaned by machines on each tower, but these were known to malfunction and could not be used on the uppermost floors. As of 2013, only one such machine remained in use in Manhattan.

Today's window cleaners use a variety of tools to complete the job, which include squeegees, chamois cloths, and water-fed poles. The equipment used in window cleaning ranges from ladders, support scaffolding, aerial work platforms, suspended platforms and cradles, and windowsill access.

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