About Us

At JOFFIE we spend a lot of time in the air, but that wasn't always the case.

The founders of JOFFIE, John and Sheri Fierick, once had a dream to combine their love of the outdoors with business. After much research and education, they formed JOFFIE to cater to the commercial and high-rise window cleaning and maintenance market.

John became the president of the company and Sheri the CFO and majority shareholder. They only had one truck in the beginning, and in between window cleaning, John managed to attend corporate meetings to sell his quality work at a competitive price.

Over 20 years later, JOFFIE Contracting Services Inc. continues to grow. JOFFIE now manages a fleet of vans staffed with trained cleaners who enjoy their work almost as much as the views. With customer service a priority, JOFFIE has placed itself in the forefront of this industry in the Queen City.

Early Days