CHARLOTTE NC WBTV - By Chris Dyches, Feb 25, 2014

The heroes have come to save the day again for sick children at Levine Children Hospital in Charlotte. The super crew came inside to visit the children before donning wires and scaling down the side of the hospital to clean the windows. SPOILER: We know the secret identity of the heroes. WBTV spoke to John Fierick, the owner of Joffie Contracting Services. Fierick's company comes out to clean the windows of the hospital every six months. He says last year the crew started to dress as superheroes to give the children something special. The first time they did it, they had four superhero costumes. On Tuesday, the crew came out with six. It was the Incredible Hulk's debut visit. Hulk was joined by Mister Incredible, Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Captain America. Fierick says this is the first time the crew has gone inside the hospital to visit children before heading out to get things cleaned. "We added the Hulk this year and we're hoping to add Iron Man in the summer," Fierick told WBTV. Fierick says the hospital and the children love it when they dress in the costumes and the company has no plans to stop. "We will do this every time," Fierick said.