Window Cleaning

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    Pressure Washing

    At Joffie we use high quality pressure washing technology to restore any of your exterior surfaces. Apart from the aesthetic benefits of having buildings and common areas pressure washed, there are long term savings for the building as a whole.

    At Joffie we offer many different exterior pressure washing options to fit your needs. Our services can remove even the toughest of grime, dirt, graffiti, mold, mildew, alge, and more!

    We also offer Environmentally friendly chemicals as well as water pressure monitoring to ensure we do not produce any damage to your exterior surface.

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      Parking Deck Cleaning

       Our parking deck cleaning keeps your deck looking fresh and reduces harmful elements that in turn will mitigate costly structural repairs. Our top-notch pressure washing system features a 7-step continuous loop filtration process along with an oil water separator to provide you the best service and eliminate any harmful toxins from going into the water runoff.

      With this machine we are able to use 100% recycled water! We bring the water to your jobsite where that water can then be used to pressure wash (cold or hot), the water is then reclaimed and enters the 7-step continuous loop filtration process where all sediment, debris, and oil is removed, and the water is able to be reused again.

      Awning Cleaning & Sealing

      Your building provides shelter from the elements, and this includes the awnings that greet your tenants on rainy days. Keeping awnings clean and free of debris makes a great first impression on guests visiting your building. We will not only clean and restore your awnings inner beauty, we will also seal and protect your awning increasing its lifespan.

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      TPO Roof Cleaning

       One service you may not think to have done is our TPO roof cleaning. Keeping the TPO roof clean will help to prevent the growth of mold & mildew. It will also help keep the energy savings within the structure by continuing to reflect away sunlight and keep the building cool in the warm months.


      Glass Restoration

      Over time buildings develop unsightly stains on the glass surfaces. These can be caused from atmospheric pollutants, runoff from unsealed façade, and irregular window cleaning.

      Every 5 to 10 years a major restoration is needed to restore the glass. We have a custom service that allows us to remove not only hard water, stains, and mineral deposits from your glass. We then follow this with a custom sealant process that helps protect the glass from future destruction.

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        Industrial Cleaning & High Dusting

         Our high dusting and industrial cleaning service can reach any and every surface you wish to have cleaned. High dusting removes dirt, dust and allergens; reduces rodent and insect activity and improves indoor air quality. Which reduces employee illness, allergies, and satisfaction while enhancing the appearance of your building, making a healthier and happier environment for everyone involved.

        Industrial cleaning also has been shown to not only benefit the health and satisfaction of the employees. But to enhance the life span and efficiency of your equipment/ machines.

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        Post Construction Cleaning

        Just finishing up construction at your building? Request a quote for our post construction cleaning today!

        The first cleaning after construction is one of the most important steps to keeping your building spotless and ready for the owners to view. It is important that your post construction cleaning team understands the importance of their work and the effects rough cleaning could have on your windows. After construction there is often rock and hard sediment around the building, and it is imperative that this debris is properly removed before cleaning the windows to prevent unnecessary scratches and damage to the building.

        We recommend that all of our customers perform a post construction clean followed up by one of our specialized window cleaning maintenance plans for the best results at your building!

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        Remedial Caulking

        We perform complete remedial caulking of all expansion joints and window perimeter joints, extending the life of your windows and saving money in costly replacements. Our staff are trained to spot these trouble areas and building owners are immediately notified if any repairs are needed.


          Anchor Inspections & Certifications

          We offer anchor inspections, certifications, and anchor placement services to fit your needs! Having the proper anchors and a well thought out anchor placement plan can save lots of headache down the road when your building needs to be cleaned.

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